box1Introduction: Load testing of mobile cranes is required by many safety regulations and national consensus standards. The purpose of the load test is to verify that the crane is functionally capable over the range of loads that the manufacturer specifies for the particular crane. Another purpose of the load test is to verify the appropriateness of the load chart. Finally, the purpose of the load test is to ascertain that the crane is structurally capable of handling the rated loads. The associated condition inspection is to ensure that the overall structural, mechanical, and electrical components of the equipment have been maintained in safe and serviceable condition and are functioning properly according to the original equipment manufacturers specifications.

The application of this standard is for boom—type mobile cranes of the following configurations:

1. Motor Truck Mounted Conventional Cranes
2. Crawler Mounted Conventional Cranes
3. Motor Truck Mounted Hydraulic Cranes
4. Crawler Mounted Hydraulic Cranes
5. Rough Terrain Hydraulic Cranes
6. Wheel Mounted Cranes
7. Locomotive Mounted Cranes

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