CRANE CERTIFICATION; 5021 Equipment over Three Tons Rated Capacity

All cranes and derricks used in lifting service, exceeding three tons rated capacity, and their accessory gear shall not be used until the employer has ascertained that such equipment has been certificated as evidenced by current and valid documents attesting to compliance with the following:

Tests and examinations shall be conducted annually by a currently licensed certificating agency or designee listed in the certificating agency license, and a certificate shall be issued by the certificating agency;

Certificates (annual and quadrennial) attesting to current compliance with testing and examination standards of requirements shall be maintained for each crane or derrick and shall be in a form acceptable to the Division.

NOTE: The term “lifting service” as used in this Section is not intended to include operations of the following equipment:

  1. Clamshells, draglines and other similar equipment used for casting-type work;
  2. Pile drivers, other than those using gravity (drop) hammers.

Each mobile cranetower crane and overhead crane, shore based material handing device (container crane) certification procedure is subject to a Pe-Certification Survey.  Proof Load Testing, and Post Certification Survey.

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